Using the Past to Make the Future Better

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Trails Past has been exploring the past since 2004. We hope to change the way people think and act about their community by looking into history and selectively applying lessons to the future. Many of the environmental changes that have occurred on our public lands in the western United States were in the last 150 years. Some  lessons may be found through archaeological study of past cultures or exploring the historic period which includes ranching and mining.  

We believe that one step to a sustainable future is building a sense of community is through environmental stewardship, historic preservation, or other volunteer activities. Trails Past understands that it is not until we learn about our community and feel we are part of it, can we invest in its future.

Rural Nevada is in position to capitalize on its unique character and rural nature.  With development looming, Nevada needs to make decisions today about their path to tomorrow.  The potential for heritage and eco-tourism is unsurpassed. Proximity to urban tourist destinations offer opportunities to bring revenue to rural markets. Educational and recreational opportunities are abundant.  Decisions now, the future makes.  What will it be Nevada? Short term gain or long term prosperity.


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